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Window scratch protection system during construction

Paint on Peel off window scratch prevention

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Glass Protection System Sydney

Window Protection During Construction

Glass Scratch Goop Protection AustraliaScratch Protection form Protect A Window Sydney will save you time and money by professionally protecting windows and other surfaces during construction. We offer a unique, guaranteed service that provides a superior long lasting temporary scratchless protection to prevent scratching and other damage to many valuable surfaces.  Don’t risk valuable surfaces like windows, bath tubs, kitchen counters etc becoming scratched by tools, sparks, and dirt.

We have been servicing the Australian construction industry with protective coatings for scratch protection since 1992 using products and techniques that provide the best value and reliable service that SAVES TIME & MONEY.

Winner of HIA Green Smart Product Award

PAW55 dries to a durable tough plastic like membrane which is non-hazardous, water based, nil residue and biodegradable. An economical paint on peel off way of preventing scratches to windows during construction.

Glass Protection In Sydney

  • Protect the whole house for the price of replacing 1 panel of glass.
  • Saves time and money on window cleaning
  • No need to try and back charge brickies
  • Allows windows to be opened and shut.
  • Will not fall off or bake on.
  • Can be applied to both sides of special and expensive LowE coated glass

PAW55 is the original window protection developed by Protect A Window in 1992, after extensive testing and refining.

PAW55 is  guaranteed to be completely removable up to 12 months after application when applied by a franchisee.

Temporary protection for other surfaces available ie, tiles, bench tops Etc.