Voted by tradies as the easiest job on site – anyone can do it!

  • Easy franchise – suitable male & female.
  • You get an exclusive area to service builders of new homes, apartments, towers etc.
  • The product is simply painted on (goes on white, dries to a clear membrane)
  • You don’t even have to remove – cleaners will do that & thank you for making their job easier.

What does a Protect A Window Franchisee do?

Protect A Window Franchisees provide a surface protection service for builders (windows, benchtops, sanitary ware, tiles, etc). The business is often incorporated with an existing business already associated with the construction industry such as building clean downs, waterproofing applications etc

What are our products?

Protect A Window products are water-based peelable coatings applied by roller. See web site for details of available products.

What is a Protect A Window Service?

A Protect A Window Service is provided by Franchisees to professionally apply our products for clients in accordance with our strict application guidelines. The product is only guaranteed if applied by a Protect A Window Franchisee.

Who uses the Protect A Window Service?
An ever increasing number of builders are using our products to protect valuable surfaces during the construction process. Builders like the fact that they can have these surfaces protected by making one phone call, they do not like the hassle of having to replace expensive windows or fixtures or suffer delays in handovers (and payment) because of careless or accidental scratches/damage caused by something as simple as a grain of sand carelessly wiped across an expensive window.

How much money does a Protect A Window Franchisee earn in a year?
What Franchisees earn per year differs between Franchisees and depends on location and how committed they are to making their franchise a success.

How much does it cost to become a Franchisee?
Typically to buy a Protect A Window franchise you can expect to pay around half that of similar franchises depending on whether it is a Rural, Urban or Metro Franchise, amount of inventory, legal fees, operating expenses etc. There is an ongoing, yearly fee to cover administration, legal fees, website etc. once again less than that of other, similar franchises.

There are no costs in relation to marketing as each Protect A Window franchisee is required to market their business typically with site-to-site canvassing, demonstrating the product and services to builders. Some franchises charge a percentage of turnover to cover marketing costs (usually around 10% of turnover) in addition to a franchise fee. Protect A Window does not charge a percentage of turnover

Apart from the fees and requirements above Franchisees will be required to have a vehicle, a computer, a mobile phone and some working capital.

Do I need in special skills or qualifications?
No. You just need good health and a positive, can do attitude. Sales experience and construction experience would be an advantage.


How do I know if I’d be a suitable Protect A Window Franchisee?

If you can answer yes to all of the following 5 questions then you are suitable.

1) Do you want to earn typically $40,000 to $65,000 or more per year (less in rural areas) working less than 40 hours per week in your own business? (Some franchisees can protect 8 houses a day (at an average of $300 per house that’s $2,400 per day plus GST – so it’s theoretically possible for an established franchisee to earn in excess of $100,000 per year – taking into account, travelling time, product costs, down time, holidays, operating expenses, such as vehicle, phone, insurance etc)

2) Do you want to start a simple, unique, low cost business that does not require a high level of strength, skill or training? (Suitable for both male & female applicators – a high percentage of our current franchisees are female)

3) To make your business a success are you prepared to make cold calls to, or approach directly, any potential client? (Much of our business is repeat business – so once the initial contact is made, ongoing orders are received and normal follow up procedures apply),

4) Are you prepared to work on housing and construction sites?

5) Do you own or have full time access to a vehicle, computer, mobile phone, fax machine or the means to get them; and sufficient working capital? (not included in franchise fee)

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