Car Scratch Protection System

Car Scratch Protection system for protecting the following surfaces on cars, 4WDs and bikes:
• Paintwork
• Stainless steel accessories
• Aluminium accessories
• Mouldings

Protects against damage caused by:
• Branch scratches
• Bug splatters
• Ultra-Violet damage / fading
• Stone chips
• Bird, bat, bug droppings

• Pollution
• Dirt & Dust
• Tree sap
• Grease & grim

• Lasts up to 9 months
• Will not bake on or fall off
• Easily washed / peeled off
• Leaves no permanent residue

• Coating is environmentally friendly
• Coating is non-hazardous

Car Scratch Protection System 4WD Australia
Spray-On Protection
4WD Scratch Protection Australia
Peel-Off Convenience

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Car, 4WD and Bike Scratch Protection System

Protect valuable surfaces during construction with our unique paint-on, peel-off scratch protection system.  Protect A Window applicators are available throughout Australia to protect windows, baths, bench tops, tiles, cars and boats.  Don't wait until it's too late!  Get scratch protection during construction today!

It only takes one single branch scratch to wreck the finish on your gleaming 4WD.
Save money and handover delays.
 Get valuable surfaces protected today!

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