Window Scratch & Surface Protection During Construction

Scratch Protection form Protect A Window will save you time and money by professionally protecting windows and other surfaces during construction. We offer a unique, guaranteed service that provides a superior long lasting temporary scratchless protection to prevent scratching and other damage to many valuable surfaces.  Don't risk valuable surfaces like windows, bath tubs, kitchen counters, floor tiles, timber floors etc becoming scratched by tools, sparks, and dirt.

We have been servicing the Australian construction industry with protective coatings for scratch protection since 1992 using products and techniques that provide the best value and reliable service that saves you time and money again and again.

Our paint-on, peel-off window scratch & surface protection products are guaranteed only when applied by an appointed Protect A Window Franchisee.

Application Video

Window Scratch Protection Video

The original Paint-On, Peel-Off Window Scratch Protection

Established in 1992, Protect A Window is recognised worldwide as being the first company to provide a paint-on, peel-off protective coating system for the construction industry.

Our protective coatings are the best available and proven for over 25 years as the ultimate window scratch protection system.  Our temporary protection system protects agains scratches caused when removing or cleaning Mortar spatter, render spatter, and paint spatter.  Additionally the window is protected from general dirt, dust and grime.

Protect A Window lasts for 6 - 12 months and allows windows to open and shut.  Our protective coating will not bake on, nor fall off.  Our unique system is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous.

Tradies have called our product "goop" since its inception.  (Goop is slang for semen). Others have since registered the name goop.

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